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07.03.17 Happy Belated Birthday Phil!!!

Orange Park CrossFit – CrossFit



100m run

Weighted Panther Walks

20 jumping lunge

Squat Therapy


Hips & Shoulders


Overhead Squat (4×5 @70%)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14min AMRAP:

400m run

20 DB Snatch 40-55/20-35

06.30.17 Happy Birthday Nadia!!!

Orange Park CrossFit – CrossFit


(light DB)

10 L. arm DB Push press

20 jumping lunge

10 R. arm DB PP

20 jumping lunge


T-spine & Front Rack


Metcon (Time)

For time:

10 Thrusters 75/55

8 Thrusters 95/65

6 Thrusters 115/75

4 Thrusters 135/95

2 Thrusters 155/105






Accessory Work


:20 DB Crucifix Holds

:20 DB Curls

:20 rest

Prone Snow Angels or Prone W-Y’s



Orange Park CrossFit – CrossFit



Metcon (Time)

For time:

100 Double Unders


Rest as needed between max effort rows

Metcon (Time)

Max effort 10 cal row

Metcon (Time)

Max effort 25 cal row

Max Effort 50 cal row (Time)

For time:

ME 50cal row


Metcon (Distance)

For max disance:

Row for max meters w/ the time it took to complete 50 cal.

Weightlifting… You have to keep things in perspective

One of our members, Ty Rowe, put together a really nice read for us.  Its always to keep things in perspective.  Your next hot streak might be just a few misses away.  Thats the beauty of weightlifting.  Enjoy!

A weightlifter heads to the gym after a long workday, duffel bag full of lifting paraphernalia and some pre and post-workout potions. He’s so ready to train he’s practically clicking his heels on his way through the door. He makes his way to his favorite platform and sits the bag down. “I can already tell this is gonna go great today”, he thinks to himself while starting to warm up for snatches with an empty bar. He should rightfully feel this way considering how well his training has been going lately. That positive attitude doesn’t last long though. The technique he’s spent reps upon reps sharpening feels completely off; he can’t move fast to save his life and routine weights feel heavier than normal. He begins to worry that he’s made some kind of mistake, maybe even that he’s chosen the wrong program to follow. Finally our protagonist just has to call it a day. Not even that extra scoop of pre-workout giving him the drive to grind through the tasks at hand. Deciding to chalk it up as a loss he packs up and heads home.

We’ve all experienced this at some point or another, a bad training session that rears its ugly head seemingly out of nowhere. Heck, sometimes it might even be a whole series of rough days in the gym. The worst part is that they will eventually occur at some point, especially in the sport of weightlifting where I would venture to say there are inherently plenty of bad days. What’s important to remember about bad training days is how much the way you deal with them says about your maturity as an athlete. After getting beaten into the ground by an especially rough workout you could always just get depressed or frustrated and stomp out of the gym like a large child. Maybe even go home to spend the evening sobbing and eating plenty of your ice cream flavor of choice. Even though that sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening, having some perspective and a positive outlook is much more conducive to your athletic performance.

Having more perspective on your negative situation with training means understanding why things might be going so wrong in the short term. Next is figuring out the fix for it or even just simply accepting that some of these things are a natural part of hard training.  A bad streak of workouts can be caused by a number of things, not all of them necessarily bad. For example, if you’ve just had a hot streak for a while where everything feels lighter and you hit plenty of PRs, you can expect that to be followed by a bit of a slump. Similarly, sometimes those hot streaks immediately follow periods of stagnation in your training (research the “super compensation model” for more information on this). I know in my case, some of the best training sessions I’ve had have come right after a week or more of feeling pretty beat up. We also can’t forget the effect that outside factors can have on performance also. Namely that for all the meticulously planned percentages in our programs, diets with personalized macros and supplement stacks, we still have the countless variables of life that can be out of our control. Between jobs, studies, relationships and the like there is plenty that can affect the quality of your training. So, with all these things that are lying in wait to put a damper on the quality of your lifting, it’s understandable that having a positive outlook can be hard. Just remember that it doesn’t always mean you’re doing something wrong. It’s only one workout and besides, you’re better off for having shown up and put in the effort in the first place.


06.28.17 Happy Birthday Ahjia!!!

Orange Park CrossFit – CrossFit



Burgener warm up


Hips & T-spine


You have ONE HOUR to find your maxes.

The Other Total (Total Weight)

Bench Press
Overhead Squat


Orange Park CrossFit – CrossFit



Panther Walks

Plank Karaoke


10-12min Handstand walk practice/skillwork


Clock Rotations w/ feet on plate 3×3 rotations each direction

Baby Ninja:

Clock Rotations in pike position on box 3×3 rotations each direction


Handstand walks; accumulate 50-100ft


Metcon (Time)

For time:


H2H KBS 55/35


*12min cap

Rd1: 60 reps

Rd2: 105

Rd3: 135

Rd4: 150

Accessory Work

Alt DB/KB bent over row

4×8-10 each arm

Banded Oblique Holds(Pallof Press)

4×15-20sec each side


Orange Park CrossFit – CrossFit



Burgener w/ PVC



5 Barbell Muscle Cleans

200m run

10 banded hip ext.




Hang Clean

Build to a 3RM *15-20min*


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

6min AMRAP:

6 DL 185/125

6 Bar Facing Burpees
RX+: 225/155

Community, Purpose and Vision – Yeah… Its about all that!

To some, this may just look like a green board with some names on it.  But to OPC, this is so much more.  This represents perseverance.  This represents standing up when you have been knocked down.  This represents letting nobody….. Absolutely no one dictate your fate.  It represents a strong community filled with good people.

June of 2016 things were looking grim at OPC.  A sweet, but over leveraged gym stood at the crossroads of greatness and disaster.   OPC, over the previous 18 months had grown into a powerhouse in the local crossfit community.  With 200 active members, we stood as one of the largest.  There were however a few problems: 1. We operated inside of our parent gym at the time and the overhead for the entire building was staggering.  2. The primary owner of our parent company decided that enough was enough and he wanted to stop throwing good money after bad, and who could blame him.

Within 30 days of the investor deciding he wanted out, there were plans to close the doors for good.  Jill and I had a huge pile of shit on our hands all of a sudden.  This was probably one of the hardest moments in our life, but there was a silver lining.  While we were minority owners in the parent company, we were the exclusive owners of Orange Park CrossFit.  We took a long hard look in the mirror and quickly realized that there was no choice but to push forward.   But the train was rolling already.  We had no choice but to close the doors.  Going from one of the largest membership bases in town one day to zero members the next is a humbling and terrifying feeling.  We did what we had to do though.  We could bitch and moan about how the rug had been pulled out from under us, or we could take ownership of a shitty situation and get to work.  I’ll save you all the financially frightening details and struggles that followed over the next few months, but I’ll share this.  We re-opened in our current location 90 days after we closed the doors to the old location.

We forced no one to come with us.  We did what was right and released everyone from their agreements they had with us.  We didn’t want anyone to feel forced.  After all, I can assume we didn’t look real stable.  Well… We weren’t.  We re-opened our doors October 12th 2016, 90 days after total catastrophe.  When we opened up, you guessed it…. 0 members.  Business was as far from booming as you could imagine.  We hung a cut olympic lifting platform on the wall behind the front desk to add some branding and color with our signature green.  As the first few people signed up and took a chance on us, we asked that they sign the board, pose for a picture and we quickly dubbed it our Founding Members Board.  Even though OPC has been around since 2013, this was a fresh start.  Our story was broadcasted loud..  Everyone knew what had just happened.  Everyone knew, but they still took a chance on us.  This green board with a bunch of amazing names on it may seem insignificant to many, but to us its everything.  It represents our community..  It represents who we are..  It represents standing the F up when life knocks you down.  It says that if you surround yourself with the highest caliber of people, anything is possible.  The OPCTribe means everything to Jill and I.  They are friends and family and we will always go to great lengths to show our appreciation for believing that the past was just that….

The reason Im writing about our board is because this weekend we will be moving it into the next chapter of our story.  We are no longer adding to our Founding Members as we have achieved our first big milestone.  This board will forever remain unchanged and sacred as it is being moved to its permanent location in the gym.  It will always be visible and will always be there to remind us of how, like a Phoenix, we rose from the ashes to become something special… Something More.  Something bigger than Jill and I or even our business.  When we rose…. We did so as a unit…  We rose with a purpose.. with a vision.  We rose as the #OPCTribe.

We Bleed Green

Well Hello 5am!

As of July 3rd 2017, Orange Park Crossfit will be opening up 2 additional class times.  This is very exciting for us as we have grown to a point that additional time slots are needed.   This will be the first time in our existence that we have offered a 5:00 am class.  We have given this a lot of thought and have had numerous conversations regarding this time.  So in an effort to help you get your gainz and not be late to work, the 5 am is born.

Nutrition Basics with Chris Wessler

Many of us are on a journey to create “the best me ever”.  We go as hard as we can in the gym.  We put the work in, spill the blood and tears, yet still often miss the mark we are shooting for.  The reason this happens is due to the fact that no matter how hard we go on the gym floor… “You cant out train a bad diet” . We’ve all heard that a million times.  The problem most of us face is tat we are un aware that we aren’t fueling our bodies with the proper Nutrition or simply, we have no idea where to even start.

We are constantly flooded with garbage media, usually selling some type of miracle product or see the newly popular IG models that claim to eat whatever they want and still look ripped.  We here of someone that tried some crazy new diet and was shredded 3 weeks later.  Here is the truth…  There are many ways to obtain the look and performance goals you seek.  Like the saying goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”.  But before we can adopt an aggressive plan, we really need to have a solid grasp on the basics of nutrition.

In todays Total Human Performance Project show we dive into some of the basic question we hear throughout the week.  While basic, the answers to these questions are vital in laying down a sound nutrition plan.  Below is the video recording and the audio version.  There is a bit of a lag on the video as we recorded it live.  Have a listen and let us know if you have any questions.