Meet the CrossFit Coaches


Meet the guys and gals who train our amazing athletes everyday. We've cultivated a crew of optimistic, fun loving and inspirational people with some serious coaching skills. Come in and meet them for yourself!

  • Charles Boyett


    The big smily guy you’ll often see walking around is our owner Charles Boyett – and, yes, he IS actually that happy to see everyone at our gym!

    Charles’ path to owning Orange Park CrossFit is pretty unconventional. In his prior, life he was an overworked real estate agent, trudging through 60+ hours at a job he wasn’t passionate about. The 2 things that got him through the long draining days were 1) his awesome, beautiful and supportive wife Jill and 2) the idea that once he saved enough funds, he’d take a leap of faith and live out what he was called to do – to help the people in his community fall in love with fitness and to help them live full, happy and healthy lives.

    He knew that in order to touch the lives of hundreds, even thousands like he dreamed he could, owning a gym was the obvious path. He didn’t want to restrict his reach by just offering a place to workout on your own and was thrilled to find an existing facility that could combine some of the most amazing forms of fitness under one roof. Orange Park CrossFit is a 23,000 sq ft facility that has everything Clay County needs to get fit and have fun doing it.

    “Several years ago, I was in a horrible boating accident which was supposed to leave me unable to walk normally or continue my active lifestyle. I refused to accept that as fact. I became a better, stronger version of myself after that experience and it changed the way I approach any challenge. Family, fitness and our gym are now at the forefront of every thought and decision I make. Fitness has changed my life and I love introducing beginners and experienced fanatics to our community. Fitness of all varieties makes stronger humans and that’s exactly what I was put on this earth to do!”

  • Mike Orallo

    Head Coach

    Mike Orallo is the head coach at Orange Park CrossFit. His start in the fitness world came by way of competitive weightlifting and wrestling. “As I started my Exercise Science program at the University of N. Florida, I analyzed many different types of fitness methodologies. It was pretty clear that becoming a CrossFit coach and championing this form of fitness was where I wanted to be.”

    Coach Mike specialists in picking heavy things up and putting them down. It’s a lot more complicated than you’d think. We’re stoked to have Mike on our team. #heisthecoconut


    • BSH in Exercise Science
    • CrossFit L1 Certificate
  • Ashley DeCristofaro


    Ashley DeCristofaro is an assistant coach and our amazing youth  strength and conditioning coach. Prior to coaching at Orange Park CrossFit, Ashley played D1 level soccer making the US National Soccer U-19 team. Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal. Her accomplishments don’t stop there. She also specializes in weight loss, bodybuilding and is an NPC member. “I have a competitive nature and a short attention span which lead to needed a constantly varied workout and programming structure. My passion for lifting heavy and need for increased mobility made me fall in love with CrossFit instantly. I love working here at Orange Park CrossFit where I can share this path to wellness with our athletes. I feel like we’re saving lives!”


    • CrossFit L1
    • Personal Trainer
    • Nutrition Coach
  • Courtney Suber


    Growing up, coach Courtney was very active. She was never a stay inside kind of kid. That carried over into High School where she played Volleyball, Softball, Basketball and ran Track.

    After high school, like most people do, she began picking up some not so healthy habits and completely stopped being active. She met her husband and they started their family right away. After her first son was born, she had no issues losing the weight. Her second on the other hand was a different story. Feeling lost and unable to lose the weight was killing her mentally and physically.

    After trying every machine and treadmill in the world, she discovered weightlifting. This saved her life. She began to feel better, stronger, more confident. Not a day went by that she wasnt in the gym lifting. If she wasn’t in the gym, she was reading book after book and article after article about fitness and nutrition. This was her passion. She had finally found something that made her feel so incredible, that she knew she wanted to share it with others.

    “Helping others find happiness through fitness and nutrition is my life. There is no better feeling than watching someone who thinks they can only do certain things smash a lift or run a mile for the first time. I am so honored to be surrounded by others that have the same passion and want to help make better humans. OPC Is where I discovered my true self and I cannot wait to watch others do the same.”


    • CrossFit L1 Certificate
  • Leah VanKeuren


    I have always been a pretty active person with varied interests.  I love martial arts and practiced Tang soo do with Master Pak for about two years and then later Kodenkan Jiu-Jitsu with Alex Limbaugh in Neptune Beach for 8 years.  I am a veteran police officer of JSO.  During which time I was a Field Training Officer and an Academy instructor where I taught Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Driving and First Responder. I had the honor to work with Sgt. T.J.Cooper and was introduced to Crossfit.  I fell in love immediately.  After leaving the Sheriff’s Office, I realized how much I missed teaching and coaching so I obtained my Crossfit Cert and then my USAW cert.

    As a previously licensed massage therapist, I began working in a therapeutic clinic focusing on rehabilitative therapies for acute and chronic injuries and structural imbalances.  It really allowed me to use all my previous training and experiences to help people get out of pain and teach them how to stay out of pain.


    • Licensed Massage Therapist
    • Rocktape FMT
    • Crossfit L1
    • USAW L1
    • Personal Trainer


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