Programs - OPC

CrossFit Classes

At Orange Park CrossFit we offer custom programming intended to build functional strength and conditioning through our workouts of the day (WOD’s) which are scalable to any fitness level/ . We follow the CrossFit methodology which focuses on making sure our members are prepared for any challenge that life throws their way, be it physical or mental.

Each of our 1 hour classes will consist of a warm up, mobility session, skill/strength work and a metcon (metabolic conditioning).


Youth Strength & Conditioning

OPC’s Youth Strength & Conditioning program has quickly become one of our most popular classes.  Our goal is to teach our young lifters proper body mechanics for efficient movement in any sport or physical activity they may become interested in.  Our goal is to help our young Clay county community become healthy and mentally confident young adults.  Kids are going to be kids, but lets get them outside and moving again!

Our youth Program is seasonal and is a weekend class to account for families busy schedules.



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